Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Embracing Autism: A Poem

Hidden away
Unable to connect.
Expression hindered
and self oppressed.

Arms flapping wildly
To sense the body.
Faulty wiring
Gone awry.

Trapped in a maze
Of twisted vines
No beginning 
And no end.

Sticky cobwebs
Never swept away.
Unused branches
Never pruned.
Muted senses

Blocked the process
Of new connections
And old removed.

This tangled mess
Axons misfired
Dendrites misplaced
Encompassing the soul
Cocooned within.

Once upon a time,
On the right track
Cooing, babbling
Speaking child
Set off course.

An injury
Of some sort.
From without
Triggered within.

The immune system
Engaged war
With the one
It was sworn
To protect.

And sensitivities
The hurt.

White matter
And grey
Forced to survive
The wrong way.

The result: autism.

But for this child
Given to me
A bright highlight 
Following grief

My baby.

Read to
 In the mirror

How can I free you?

When I am trapped?

Love is the key
To open the way
In my own soul

To embrace
A new dream
And let
 The old one go.