Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big Fish, Little Fish

Isn't it a beautiful thing when a father goes fishing with his son?

It doesn't matter how little the fish is, the father is delighted with the catch.

Reminds me of another fish.

Ever see this fish symbol stuck to someone's bumper?

Whenever I see one, it makes me think of the story of Peter and his friends, working all night trying to catch some fish in their net to fill their bellies or sell for a small price, but by morning, they had caught nothing.

Then, Jesus called out from the shore.

"Try the other side of the boat."

That probably would have sounded insulting to the crew, but this was Jesus, the One who turned water into wine. So, they listened and obeyed.

And, when they pulled up the net, there were so many fish that it nearly burst (John 21:6).

This is just like telling others about Christ,

All our efforts would be fruitless without His direction.

Now, I wouldn't call myself a super-evangelist, More like an accidental evangelist. Somehow, sharing with people the stuff going on in my life, quite naturally, my faith will overflow into the conversation.

This happens most easily with my kids. There are so many opportunities just spending time with them for me and my husband to share Christ. Mostly through stories, the hardback kind or the kind with skin on.

Every time the kids go to bed, they say, "Tell us a story when you were little." And, we tell them about the times before we knew Christ and the ways we saw Him drawing us to Himself or afterwards when we messed up and experienced His grace anew.

Christmastime is the perfect time to tell children the real reason for the season.

Jesus, Christ, God's Son, Savior ( ΙΧΘΥΣ in the Greek 

acrostic early Christians used for fish)

Was born in a dusty stable on Christmas night.

He came to redeem His people, to save us from our sins.

It is by grace we have been saved (Ephesians 2:8,9).

It's such wonderful good news.

Whether a big fish or small, God's grace is for each one of us who put our trust in Christ.

His By Grace,