Sunday, November 10, 2013

Redemption Lullaby

She who fears the wind,
He who feared to give,
Brought forth a child
And named her Moon.

Shining brightly,
 Ever so brightly,
A reflection of grace
 In the heavens.
But almost not,
Brought to life
By light of day.

Eyes, an azure lake
Of paradise.
Hair strung
On a bow.
Playing the slow,
Mournful song,
As her paradise
 is lost.

Darkness falls as a veil,
As shame enshrouds to wait.
Words spoken softly,
To the inmost parts.

For the calling forth,
From death to Life.
A cross to bridge the gap,
Between a sinner and a saint.

Redemptive Life,
Ever After and a Day,
Because a Savior
Gave His Life
To Pay
For Mine.