Friday, March 14, 2014

The Proof of Pi

The Proof of Pi.

Never changing.
Crucial for circumference,
Or the area of a circle.
Formulated by the Greeks.
Or rather, discovered.
Always existing.
As long as we have round.

Do we really need proof 
For something that just is? 
That's what geometry
 Theorems are for. 
Proofs, proofs, and more proofs. 
It's all logical.

The Logos.
The Word made flesh that dwelt among us. 
But, still we want to touch the nail-marked hands 
And put our fingers in the pierced side. 
We need to see. 
Or do we?

Touched by grace, 
Through the eyes of love, 
We've been given 
These very great 
And precious promises 
From above. 

Look upon the cross. 

Do we still need proof?

It is finished.