Monday, March 27, 2017

April Fool's Anniversary

April Fool's Day, 1995.
What a day to first meet.
Was it love at first sight?
Was his heart my destiny?

Turns out, he had prayed.
To meet the girl of his dreams.
Before the night we met
Two foolish teens.

Not knowing what
The future would bring
We sat side-by-side
At a Denny's.

One dressed in grunge
The other black as night
With hair blazing red
A torch of light.

Drawn to his warmth
There at his side
Nothing was hidden
Our words intertwined.

Five years of waiting
Room to grow up
To spread out our wings
Before tying the knot.

Now here we are
Twenty-two years
Together as One
In life's joys and fears.

Having the same
Faith, Hope, and Love
Though we are weak
Made strong from above.

And in the center
In each triumph and fall
Christ Jesus our Lord
Redeemer of it all.

Whether foolish or wise
Our hands intertwine
Our heads bow each night
Before we turn out the light.

Blessed remembrance
The day we first met
Two middle-agers
Who've got room to grow yet.

Letting life slow down
Being less driven
Enjoying our family now
The children we've been given.

Looking forward to the next
Twenty-two years (and more)
With my love 
Who was worth waiting for.