Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sisters are Forever Friends

Growing up with four brothers, I wondered what it would have been like to have a sister, 
To have a forever friend.

To always have a playmate.

Or a friend to goof around with.

To have a friend to be silent with.

To share joys

And sorrows.

The desire for a sister was fulfilled twice.

First, when I was sixteen and reunited with my dad. I also found out that I had a nine-year-old sister.

Finally, I had someone to play with, though I was too old for dolls. Still, we tried to make up for lost time.

We roller-skated together. Did "fashion shows." Hunted for clams in the Indian River by combing through the muddy bottom with our toes.

And, later on, she became my bridesmaid, my children's aunt, and a mother herself.

The second sister is more of a series of sisters. Every time I connect to a community of Christian women who are devoted to the study of God's Word and prayer, I discover new sisters. We immediately bond because of our unity of faith in Christ.

Over time, through shared joys and sorrows, I have connected to sisters in Christ here and abroad, in person, through letters, or via the World Wide Web. 

It's a sad and lonely place when it seems like there's no one who cares, no one who understands. And, to feel utterly alone in all the pain and suffering of life can be like hell on earth. But, you don't have to do life alone.

The truth is, if you've put your trust in Christ, you are never alone. 

Christ is always with you (Matthew 28: 18-20). Tell Him your sorrows and experience His comfort and healing grace (Psalm 34:18, 2 Corinthians 12:9,10).

And, you have sisters in Christ all around the world.

Truly forever friends, for because of Christ, we will all spend an eternity with Him.

Ways to connect with your sisters in Christ:

* Pray and ask God for friends

* Join a women's Bible study at your local church

* Join a Christian group that fits your interests (e.g. Word Weavers International)

* Go on a short-term mission trip

* Go with your local church's women's ministry to a retreat or conference (e.g., Women of Faith)

* Serve in a group outreach at your local church

* If you live in a remote location or are homebound, you can connect through online groups (e.g., Christian Bloggers Community)

We were never meant to be alone. Being self-reliant is in our nature, but we need others more than we realize, and we may be a blessing in others' lives as well. 

May you find your forever sisters in the community of Christ. 

Here's a true story of two forever sisters...