Monday, April 29, 2013

Because He First Loved Us: The Fruit of the Spirit is Love...

I love to see Billy loving on our children. 

You see, I didn't have a daddy (I met him later as a teenager, but that's another story). 

When Billy picks up Little Bit and smothers her all over with kisses and gives her the "I'm never going to let you go" hug, she lights up and it's as if something in her heart fills to overflow.


She knows she's loved.

Do I know it?

Do you?

It's hard when you don't always feel it.  

Those of us who have grown up not getting that continual love-fill, grow accustomed to being nearly empty and running on fumes.

Or you know you didn't get it and can't have it now, and your heart becomes bitter, cold, and hard as ice.

But, there is a continual source of love that is ready and waiting to be drawn from and
the Well, the One whose love fills us up, is so deep, it will never run dry.

His warmth and ever-penetrating love can thaw and tenderize even the most hardened sinner.

Come to the Father,

Our Father in heaven.

He is our Eternal Daddy, who loved us

even before we were born,

even when we did our most shameful, regretful deed,

even when we thought we didn't have a friend in the world,

He loved us.

When we come to our heavenly Father like a little child, He will not turn us away.

He will welcome us, with arms open wide.

Those same outstretched arms that sent His Son to bear our sins on the cross,

Love us even now.

And, His love sets us free.

Free to love the world, the desperate, the loveless.

"We love Him because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19)