Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homeschool Heroes: Beautiful Dreamer

Elli H. loves baking delicious goodies, but after a frightening visit to the hospital when she was 9, this homeschool girl’s life changed overnight. She learned that she had Juvenile Diabetes (JD), and her body could only handle a small amount of sugar. 
“I had never heard of diabetes. As I slowly learned what it was and what I would be dealing with, it was pretty scary and depressing,” confesses Elli, now 13.

Through her faith in Christ and the encouragement of family and friends, Elli didn’t lose hope. By eating well, exercising, and keeping her blood sugar within normal range with an insulin pump, she stays healthy. Once a year, she walks to raise money and awareness for JD.

Baking is still one of Elli's favorite things to do, especially baking for others. Elli also enjoys babysitting and frequently gives her parents a much needed date night.   

Having JD hasn't kept Elli from developing her gifts of singing and acting on stage. She even dreams of becoming a director of live musical theater. More than that, she dreams that one day there will be a cure for JD.