Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Apple a Day

Ever since my Little Man was a toddler and had enough teeth to handle it, he would ask,

"Mama, big apple, please?"

He would sign "please" on his tummy using big, round circles.

For snacks, I liked to cut up apples and divvy them out to the children. They usually would get about three or four pieces each.

But, no, Little Man wanted a whole apple to himself. I wanted to see if he could handle it, so I washed off a small granny apple and handed to him.

His bright eyes beamed with delight, and he took one big, crisp bite, crunching into the side of that apple. Juice spilled out of the sides of his mouth, as he took enormous bites.  It wasn't long until there was nothing left but the core and the little seeds, which he knew he wasn't alowed eat.

He sure is my Little Man, always wanting to do things that are way too big for him, but surprisingly enough, sometimes, he can.

Today, during circle time, I read a book with a larger than life Red Delicious Apple on the front cover. It's called A Picture of God: 3 in 1, and it's simple, yet profound truths about the Holy Trinity still has me thinking.

Basically, the book compares God to none other than an apple. An apple has three parts, the peel, the flesh, and the core, but is still one apple, so God is in three persons, yet He is one true God. 

The peel of the apple protects us from harm and keeps us healthy.

Likewise, God the Father, created us, protects us, and provides for us.

The flesh of the apple is good to eat.   A long time ago, the first man and woman ate a fruit that God the Father told them not to eat. They disobeyed God, or sinned. The result was death--physical and spiritual.

Sin separates us from God, so God the Father gave us Jesus, His very own Son, who came in the flesh. He died on the cross and suffered for our sins to bring us back to God the Father. 

The core of the apple holds the seeds from which apple trees can grow, producing even more apples. Jesus was buried, just like an apple seed. Because He is God, like an apple seed sprouts from the ground, three days later, Jesus arose from the grave. He in turn gives us new life, eternal life.

The book goes on to say that in order to have this new life, we need something; faith in Jesus. But, like an apple seed cannot plant itself, we cannot make ourselves have faith in Jesus. Someone has to plant faith in our hearts.

God the Holy Spirit puts faith in our hearts. He keeps it alive and strong, and waters it with God's Word, the Bible. It is then that our faith begins to grow, and eventually produces fruit. 

Things like:

Faithfulness, and

That's some fruit I could use a little more of...

"The glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27, NIV)."